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I am not an expert regarding Levin guitars, but I know someone that could be considered as one.

Here is a note from Rikard of Vintage Guitars in Sweden…

Hello Gary,

Of course I remember you! I was very thrilled the first time I saw your eBay listing for the Fred Guy Levin De Luxe guitar. Being a fan of both Django and Levin, I had always wondered what happened to that guitar, and I have often dreamed about finding and owning it one day. Apart from the celebrity connection to both Fred Guy and Django, the guitar itself is of the super rare first version of the Levin De Luxe model. In my research of Levin for the past 15 years I had never seen one, or even heard of any existing example until one day when the phone rang and I was offered to buy the one that I now own. Yours and mine are currently the only known examples of that model. The pickguards were made of celluloid (a plastic compound created from nitrocellulose and camphor), made to imitate the look of tortoiseshell. Although the shapes of the pickguards are all the same, the color and pattern varies greatly. When comparing the pickguard pattern of the William Gottlieb photos with yours, there is no doubt in my mind that they are showing the same guitar.

Best regards,


Stockholm, Sweden



Levin Guitars


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