Django Reinhardt

Another valuable piece of this guitars history fell into place when I found out that the “King” of gypsy jazz had his picture taken with it.  Until then, I had no idea who Django Reinhardt was, or that he had anything to do with this guitar until after I received numerous comments and information from Ebay watchers.  Although I did receive a few offers from listing the guitar on Ebay, (none of which were worth accepting) the real benefit from the listing was the fact that I received a whole lot of information from different people that turned out to be immensely helpful.  The most important piece of information that I received was regarding Django Reinhardt.  It turns out that Django Reinhardt was photographed holding Fred Guys 1938 Levin De Luxe while in New York in 1946.  There is a lot of speculation about whether or not Django actually played the guitar or not.  No one really knows for sure if he played the guitar, simply just tuned it, or actually just held it for the pictures.  Who knows?  So far, I have not received any information regarding this speculation.  But, the one true fact is this – Django Reinhardt is holding Fred Guys 1938 Levin Deluxe, and was photographed doing so.

Here are the pictures that were taken by William Gottlieb backstage at the Aquarium in New York City when Django Reinhardt visited the Duke Ellington Orchestra in 1946.  These pictures turned out to be notably famous pictures of Django Reinhardt (certainly some of the most used pictures of Django Reinhardt).


Django Reinhardt playing Fred Guy guitar 2

Django Reinhardt playing Fred Guy guitar 3

Django playing Fred Guy guitar

(photos by William Gottlieb)

Check out the guitar as it looks today – Click Here!

There is way too much history surrounding Django Reinhardt to include on one page of a website, so I am only focusing on the history that relates to Django and this 1938 Levin Deluxe Guitar.




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