1938 Levin Guitar – Today

This is my 1938 Levin Guitar Deluxe, formerly owned by Fred Guy of the Duke Ellington Orchestra, and made famous by the pictures that show Django Reinhardt posing backstage holding the guitar at a Duke Ellington concert in 1946 (I’ve been unable to verify whether he played it, or just simply held it for the photographs).  To the best of my knowledge, there are only two people that own one of these 1938 Levin Guitars (myself, and a guitar dealer in Stockholm).  So if there are any other 1938 Levin Guitars out there, I would certainly love to hear about them (please contact me at your convenience using this websites contact form, thanks).  Here is the most recent picture of this beautiful guitar – hope you enjoy it!

1938 Levin Guitar owned by Gary PetrinStill looking good after all these years… (photo by Binh Dong)

What can I say?  I have been “blessed” with the gift of this guitar by a person that I am very thankful for and still admire to this day.  I have had some great experiences and opportunities with the guitar so far, but I can tell you that I am just getting started.  As far as the status of this 1938 Levin Guitar, it is in fairly good shape (for being over 75 years old, I really should be saying very good shape), and is full of jazz history.  The guitar certainly needs a little work done to get it fully functional, but I do not want to modify anything at this point, so I will just have to leave that to the guitars next owner.

Here is some additional information regarding Fred Guy, andDjango Reinhardt that you may find interesting.  Both of these musicians have touched the lives of many jazz enthusiasts…




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