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Fred Guy Levin Deluxe

Update: This awesome guitar, rich in Jazz history  was offered at auction on November 4, 2017.  The guitar was sold, and I hope the new owner is going to enjoy this treasure of a guitar as I did.  You can check out more details at Julien’s Auctions. 

I am going to leave this website up as long as I can, but most likely the site will be shutdown after the first of the year!

The stunning guitar pictured above (and below) was owned by the late Fred Guy of the Duke Ellington Orchestra, and is also the very guitar that Django Reinhardt can be seen holding in the famous pictures taken backstage at a Duke Ellington concert in 1946.  The guitar was a gift to me from Fred Guy’s ex-wife Dorothy Guy-Lynch back in the early 80’s.  I still have this historic guitar, and for being over 75 years old, it is in fantastic condition!  I have only been able to track down one other 1938 Levin Deluxe Guitar so far, but I am still looking.  The guitar is in the original guitar case, and there are even a few items still in the case, such as picks, capo, and the like.  After years of extensive research, I have found a vast amount of very important information pertaining to the history of this guitar.

This website includes information and pictures on how the guitar looks today, Fred Guy, Django Reinhardt, how I acquired the guitar, and the Django Exhibition in Paris, France, along with any other interesting information I can manage to dig up.  Please enjoy the information on this site that is devoted to this Fred Guy Levin Deluxe guitar and it’s relevance in jazz history.

Fred Guy Levin Deluxe


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